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Who Do You Know?

We hope to leverage the knowledge of all the Kimballs to help identify photographs of unknown Kimball ancestors. There is a good possibility that one of the descendants has taken more care in keeping a name to a picture. Can you identifiy anyone in these photographs? Can you add any salient facts? If you can please email myKimball

If any KFA members would like help identifying an ancestor in a photo, please write a 250 to 350 word article explaining what you know about the photo and attach your photograph(s), and email it to the same address. We will post it to the KFA site.


The photo to the left was sent to our genealogist, Judith Kimball. The side of the picture is marked "(X?) L. K Merritt". There is no other information about the photos. Does any one recognize any one of these ladies? If you do, please use email at the top of the page to contact us.


b. 1797, d. 1874

DAVID & MARY OREM KIMBALL? New Brunswick, Canada,

Anyone interested in the study of genealogy has come across this predicament, and I’m no exception. As I was rummaging through my father’s trunk, I discovered some daguerreotypes and old photos. What a wonderful find! However, as is frequently the case, there were no names listed leaving me to guess who they were.I have traced my father’s family as far back as David Kimball, born 1797 in St. John’s, New Brunswick, Canada — as was his wife, Mary Spolden Orem, and all of their children, and her father, David Orem. Sometime before 1850, he moved to Mt. Vernon, OH, and by 1870 to Bethalto, Madison County, IL.


Levi Kimball

Levi Kimball was their oldest child and my great-grandfather. I do have a picture of him that was identified by someone in the family. I can be reasonably sure that his identity is correct because when he was elderly, he lived with my grandfather, Robert O. Kimball, in San Luis Obispo when my father and his siblings were old enough to remember him.

David and Mary Sons

I have examined the picture of the five men (right) trying to deduce which of them could be Levi, but can’t come to any concrete conclusions. David and Mary had five sons: Levi, David, Isacha, Robison, and Josiah, and two daughters: Sophrana, and Eliza.

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