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LAST UPDATE: 10/21/15

Kimball Family Association History

The Association had its beginnings in the latter part of 1967 and early 1968 when Mrs. Elizabeth Mason Carter brought together a few Kimball cousins to talk about holding a reunion of those descendants of Richard's son, Richard, through Asa who had moved from Ipswich to Bridgton, Maine. Their first reunion was held at Bridgton Academy on August 10, 1968 and the focus expanded from Maine to the hope for a National Association of all the descendants of Richard.

One of the ultimate dreams of the Association was to publish an updated and corrected "History of the Kimball Family in America". This became, in part, a reality in 1990, when Volume I of the revision was presented at that year's annual reunion. A Genealogy Committee had been working on this major undertaking, attempting to:

Verify information submitted

Answer or publicize genealogical inquiries

To simply sort and make sense of the information already on file

Send out requests for further information

Friends of the Library store at Haverhill Library, have copies of Volume I, II, III of History of the Kimball Family in America for sale.


Kimball Family Association History

Work on the succeeding volumes continues, with Volume IV a current work in progress as further information appears. Volume IV will also include a chapter dedicated to correction and/or additions to previous Volumes I, II, III. Any correction and/or additions may be send to KFA, PO Box 453, W. Kennebunk, ME, 04094.

Copies of Volumes I and the set of Volumes II and III are for sale in KFA Store/Genealogy Books, or mailing order form, available on website under Forms to KFA, PO Box 453, W. Kennebunk, ME 04094.