The Kimball Family Association

Greetings Kimball Cousins 

I am taking this opportunity to fill you in on the ongoing activities of your Kimball Family Association (KFA). The newly established “Societies” are off to a great start. The “1634 Society” stands with sixteen charter members and has raised $8,500 for the scholarship fund. The “Ipswich Society” has eight charter members and has contributed $2,000. We would like to see charter memberships reach 25. More information is on our website and elsewhere in this edition of Connections. The Resource Book has proven to be very popular; we have received orders for twenty-seven beyond those provided during its initial offering.

On May 3-6, Anne Falk, Carol Kimball Stahl and I will be representing the KFA at the New England Regional Genealogical Consortium (NERGC) conference in Springfield, MA. This event will be a “get our feet wet” outing with NERGC conferences. We will be manning a table during the Society Fair on Thursday (May 4) evening from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. During this time, attendees can visit various genealogy, historical and family organizations such as ours. Should this foray turn out to be a positive experience, we may consider having a booth in the main exhibit hall during the next conference, which is held every two years. The conference is open to the general public although there is a cost and requisite registration. More information may be found at

Looking ahead to this year’s reunion, we are seeking speakers. While some are hesitant at first to step forward, all of our speakers have been first class, entertaining, and informative. Each speaker has always provided new insights into our Kimball line. Please consider sharing your Kimball stories this August.

The last thing I’d like to make our membership aware of is yet another resource for Kimball cousins. While not associated with the KFA, there is a Facebook group “Descendants of Richard Kimball and Ursula Scott” administered by Lisa Kimball Sands and Judith Balch O’Leary. If you are a Facebook user, check them out, – perhaps you’ll find new connections within that group. I have extended an open invitation for its members to join the Kimball Family Association.

Here we are months until the next reunion. Think about making your plans to join us, and perhaps be one of our speakers. I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible!

     Doug McBride
KFA President (12th generation descendent of Richard Kimball) 

Save the Date! May 3-6, 2023

for the 2023 biannual New England Regional Genealogical Consortium (NERGC)
to be held in Springfield, MA at the MASS MUTUAL Civic Center!

Do you enjoy genealogical research? Are you just getting started and need help? Have you hit a “brick wall” in peeling the layers? The NERGC is back in-person this spring, with over 100 presentations, 7 workshops, Ancestors Road Show, Query Board, Exhibit Hall & lots more! The theme this year is “Missing Branches are not the End of the Line.”

Come visit the KFA President, Doug McBride, Vice-President, Anne Falk and Genealogy & Resource Book Coordinator, Carol Kimball Stahl, representing the KFA at the Society Fair on Thursday, May 3, from 5:30 to 7:00 pm and do some networking. Classes Thursday, Friday & Saturday range from the latest DNA information and newest on-line resources to investigate to Genealogy in Connecticut and Catholic Records. Something for everyone!

For more information, including reservation form, please go to
We really hope to see other KFA members take advantage of this incredible opportunity!

Please contact Sylvia Stevens regarding survey questions

Phone: 603-424-3550

Email to: [email protected]

Mail to: 81 Turkey Hill Road, Merrirmack, NH 06054

Save The Date 

August 10th — 13th, 2023


We are glad to announce the reunion for the
Kimball Family Association will be held on
August 10th — 13th, 2023 at the
Courtyard, Marriott, Nashua, New Hampshire.

We are contemplating making arrangements for a
day trip to a point of interest. More information to follow.


At the 2021 Reunion, we handed out 28 copies of the new KFA Resource Book. The contents of the 3-ring binder consists of “all things Kimball,” according to a Board member. The book tells of the beginnings of the KFA and provides information on the immigrant Richard. The benefits of membership are described. A fledgling section, “Notable Kimballs,” tells the stories of a few special Kimballs; more biographies will be added as we go forward. There are sections on developing your own “Notable Kimballs” and guides for research as well as storage of copies of the newsletter or special articles. A favorite section, “Location, Location, Location,” list 43 pages of places named, “Kimball,” across the nation reminding us of the depth and diversity of Kimballs.

We still have about 150 binders to compile and mail to those members who have paid their dues through at least December 2021; some members are paid for many more years! Although the costs of materials, copying, and mailing are being underwritten by a special, very generous donor, it has been suggested that members might want to acknowledge the uniqueness of the Resource Book and make a financial contribution toward those expenses. However, the benefactor has suggested that members show their appreciation by making a donation to the scholarship fund. A letter giving more detail will be included in each mailing. Those of you who have already received your copies may wish to make a similar contribution.

Please be sure that you are paid through the end of 2021 to receive your copy.