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Lovely spring greetings to all KFA members!

    Isn’t it nice to see forsythia and daffodils and tulips  blooming? Maybe in your area those have already passed and you’re on to lilacs, apple trees, rhododendrons, azaleas and more! Inhale & enjoy!
   Have you found another friend or relative to join KFA with you yet? I sure hope so! We would be particularly interested in bringing aboard anyone who needs a project: organize, create and ex
pand our exciting, informational KFA printed documentation to bring us into the current technology. Your Board of Directors is currently focused on the preservation of the 3 volume KFA Historybooks and all the corresponding research. What a task! Much time and money has been spent in the last 55 years to get the family history published, and more information continues to arrive.
    If any KFA members arecurrently involved in a local or state genealogical society that has faced this task in the not too distant past, we would love to hear any stories about what to do, and more importantly, what NOT to do! I will make myself available at the upcoming reunion on Friday afternoon if you want to share any experiences. I am also available at [email protected] or (207) 772-9079, if youwon’t be in Nashua on August 9th.
    Do all of you own a set of the KFA history books? If not, we may be able to bring you a set at our annual meeting in August, for purchase, saving the ever-increasing cost of postage! Please let me know if we can do this for you.
    We are all looking forward to another fun get together for our 55th annual reunion the second weekend of August, August 8-11. Sylvia will be sharing her itinerary in this newsletter which will include some old favorites and some new additions. Make your reservations now! It’s always great to meet new cousins and make more memories!

   Anne K. Falk

Anne Falk – KFA President 

  Kimball Family, The Membership list has been updated, please log into the member page to view or download the list.


2023 Biannual New England Regional Genealogical Consortium (NERGC)

The conference included an exhibition hall with dozens of commercial societies and venders; a society fair for noncommercial groups; and a vast array of speakers and presentations. Carol Stahl-Kimball, Anne Falk and I represented the KFA during the Society Fair. We spoke with numerous visitors and met two Kimball cousin’s and talked with a few folks that knew a Kimball. The overall attitude of the conference was infectious, so much that I expect to attend all three days when it returns in two years. I highly recommend attending the next conference to anyone looking to deepen their genealogy skills and knowledge.

For more information, including reservation form, please go to

Please contact Sylvia Stevens regarding survey questions

Phone: 603-424-3550

Email to: [email protected]

Mail to: 81 Turkey Hill Road, Merrirmack, NH 06054

KFA Donation Form [email protected]

Mail to: 81 Turkey Hill Road, Merrirmack, NH 06054

55th Kimball Family Reunion


August 8th — 11th, 2024


We are glad to announce the reunion for the
Kimball Family Association will be held on
August 8th — 11th, 2024 at the
Courtyard, Marriott, Nashua, New Hampshire.

We are contemplating making arrangements for a
day trip to a point of interest. More information to follow.


At the 2021 Reunion, we handed out 28 copies of the new KFA Resource Book. The contents of the 3-ring binder consists of “all things Kimball,” according to a Board member. The book tells of the beginnings of the KFA and provides information on the immigrant Richard. The benefits of membership are described. A fledgling section, “Notable Kimballs,” tells the stories of a few special Kimballs; more biographies will be added as we go forward. There are sections on developing your own “Notable Kimballs” and guides for research as well as storage of copies of the newsletter or special articles. A favorite section, “Location, Location, Location,” list 43 pages of places named, “Kimball,” across the nation reminding us of the depth and diversity of Kimballs.

We still have about 150 binders to compile and mail to those members who have paid their dues through at least December 2021; some members are paid for many more years! Although the costs of materials, copying, and mailing are being underwritten by a special, very generous donor, it has been suggested that members might want to acknowledge the uniqueness of the Resource Book and make a financial contribution toward those expenses. However, the benefactor has suggested that members show their appreciation by making a donation to the scholarship fund. A letter giving more detail will be included in each mailing. Those of you who have already received your copies may wish to make a similar contribution.

Please be sure that you are paid through the end of 2021 to receive your copy.

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Kimball Castle photo credit: Scott Snyder Photography.