The Kimball Family Association

Dear KFA Family Members, 

Wow!, What a truly exciting 2021 Reunion/Annual Meeting. It was so wonderful to be able to meet face to face for a change, certainly more personal than Zoom meetings.

First, I was grateful to personally meet the other Board of Director members whom I’ve gotten to know over the past year. Their dedication and commitment to the Kimball Family Association is amazing. I look forward to working with all of them throughout my term. I need to thank Sylvia Stevens for all the endless hours she put forth to pull the reunion together. It’s been a year in the making for her, and she is already working on next year plans. Julie Blalock and the scholarship committee selected three extremely qualified candidates for this year’s scholarship awards. Ed Miller has done a wonderful job keeping our finances straight as well as keeping track of our membership. Judy Miller has been our recording secretary for many years and has dutifully transcribes all our Zoom meeting onto paper. Anne Folk spear headed our first colaboration with the New England Regional Genealogy Conference. Many thanks to them for all their diligent work. Carol Stahl has spent hundreds of hours researching, organizing, preparing, printing and distributing the KFA Resource Book. Again, thanks go to her and those who assisted her in this project. Finally, a huge thanks is owed our outgoing president, Richard Kimball. His leadership over the past four years has been prenominal. He led the KFA through these difficult COVID times and kept everything on track and running smooth. He’s become quite the Zoom expert. Richard’s pet projects were the Resource Book, increasing membership and to establish an endowment to support the scholarship fund. His commitment to education is commendable. He and the BOD have begun implementing these goals.

Secondly it was a joy and honor to meet so many “cousins”. This was my first full reunion and it was wonderful to meet and talk with everyone. Due to Richard’s efforts, we have 17 new members so far this year, with many “first timers” attending the reunion. We had 28 KFA members attend Friday and 26 on Saturday. From the array of speakers Sylvia arranged, we heard all sorts of interesting facts and family stories. Thanks to KFA members Sara Kimball, Mark Nichols, Anne Falk, Randy Reynold, Anne Kimball and Carol Stahl for sharing their stories with us on Friday. Special thanks go to Saturday’s guest speakers; Richard Maloon from the Merrimack NH Historical Society Cemetery Preservation group and Kathleen Chaison from the Ipswich Historical Society. Kathleen was elated by the surprise donation by Sara Kimball of a spinning wheel that had been used by the Kimball family is Westford MA. It will now be part of the society’s collection in Ipswich.

Over the coming year I’m looking forward to continuing Richard’s goal of increasing membership and establishing the education endowment. I’d also like to increase contributions from the KFA membership. In light of that I’d like to thank Janine Balistori and Heather Stevens for shadowing BOD members with the goal of moving onto the BOD in the future.

We all have great family stories, let’s share them with each other.

 Doug McBride

KFA President (12th generation descendent of Richard Kimball) 

Save The Date 

August 12th and 13th, 2022


We are glad to announce the reunion for the
Kimball Family Association will be held on
August 12th and 13th, 2021 at the
Courtyard, Marriott, Nashua, New Hampshire.

We are contemplating making arrangements for a
day trip to a point of interest. More information to follow.


At the 2021 Reunion, we handed out 28 copies of the new KFA Resource Book. The contents of the 3-ring binder consists of “all things Kimball,” according to a Board member. The book tells of the beginnings of the KFA and provides information on the immigrant Richard. The benefits of membership are described. A fledgling section, “Notable Kimballs,” tells the stories of a few special Kimballs; more biographies will be added as we go forward. There are sections on developing your own “Notable Kimballs” and guides for research as well as storage of copies of the newsletter or special articles. A favorite section, “Location, Location, Location,” list 43 pages of places named, “Kimball,” across the nation reminding us of the depth and diversity of Kimballs.

We still have about 150 binders to compile and mail to those members who have paid their dues through at least December 2021; some members are paid for many more years! Although the costs of materials, copying, and mailing are being underwritten by a special, very generous donor, it has been suggested that members might want to acknowledge the uniqueness of the Resource Book and make a financial contribution toward those expenses. However, the benefactor has suggested that members show their appreciation by making a donation to the scholarship fund. A letter giving more detail will be included in each mailing. Those of you who have already received your copies may wish to make a similar contribution.

Please be sure that you are paid through the end of 2021 to receive your copy.