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What’s in Members Only?

To assist our genealogy project and keep all members both informed and entertained with family news, the Association publishes a quarterly newsletter which is mailed or emailed to all members. Because we are a non-profit organization, the cost of creating, printing, and mailing (or emailing) is covered by the annual dues which are a modest $20.00 a year.

Why Join?

Why Join?

Have you been hunting for that illusive Kimball that just can't seem to connect to his ancestors? Our genealogist has been tirelessly adding to the research of the Kimball Family. An update to the Kimball Family in America, originally published in 1897. Volume I contained Richard Kimball, the original emigrant ancestor, and the first six generation of his decendants. The latest information on Volume II about the Kimball Family research is included in the newsletter.


Because some info that is in both the Newsletter and Meeting Minutes is confidential (e.g. financial information), and only intended for members, these items are protected by a user name and password.  This password will be changed annually and every member will receive notification of the new password in writing. Please keep this password private to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

If you are a member current with dues for 2018, using the internet, and are unable to open the “members Only Section” because of user name or password error, please e-mail by clicking here.

Protect Your Identity

The association will never ask you for any personal info such as SS#, date of birth etc., so if you get such a request do not give out that information and please notify an officer of the association immediately by email or regular mail.

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