The Kimball Family Association

Website Updates

The site is about the Kimballs so it is important to make content about the family more accessible. In March, 2011, a new section was added where members can forward photos to KFA of unknown ancestors in hopes that other viewers might be able to identify them.

Make it easier to join KFA:

One goal is to increase membership. To do that, we need to communicate the benefits of being a member. A new page called "Why Join" is a beginning, but I would like to eventually include a self-service membership capability and a place where members can post pictures directly to the site rather than send them in by email.

Newsletter Update

Much had been done to update this section of our website. Members with computer access will now be receiving the newsletter through e-mail instead of mailing. Any concerns, please notify us. Remember the newsletters are accessible to members only.

You Can Help

Creating a great (not just good) Website and newsletter requires input from the folks who use it. Submit your thoughts by e-mail to Correspondence Secretary Sylvia Stevens by clicking here