The Kimball Family Association

KFA Board Meeting-2020/June


Board Meeting

Date: June 20, 2020

Time:  3:38PM

Location: Zoom


Richard Kimball, Russ Bowden, Marion Bowden, Ed Miller, Judy Miller, Sylvia Stevens, Carol Kimball Stahl, Julie Blalock, Tanya Burek


Richard Kimball called to order

Note taker:

Judy Miller, Recording Secretary

Meeting Minutes:

Recording Secretary Judy Miller

Everyone received by e-mail and had reviewed. No changes were made. It was announced that our web site will be updated to a new format to allow us to make changes as necessary.

Financial Report given by Treasurer, Ed Miller:



Balance Forward YR 12/31/2019


General Checking 02/28/2020


Genealogy 2/28/2020


Scholarship 02/28/2020


Total all funds



New Members 2022 — 16


New members 2020

Paid Members-December 2020

Unpaid Members 202

Total Members 2020





Tax Return for 2019 has been prepared and submitted. Board discussed the subject of Dues. The topic of raising the amount was presented but all decided we would not raise them at this time.

Report Approved

Agenda Item

Reunion Update

Presenter: Sylvia Stevens


The reunion for 2020 was cancelled and all members were notified and advised to hold Aug 13-14, 2021.

Sylvia was able to work wither contact at  Marriott Courtyard in Nashua, NH to hold the date of Aug. 13-14, 2021. They did not charge anything for canceling for 2020 and will use deposit for next year. The menu cannot be set until 2021 prices have been set.


All approved

Agenda Item

Scholarships for 2020

Presenter: Julie Blalock


Julie reported that she has not received any applications at this date. Judy will send brief e-mail to remind members that we will be awarding scholarships this year even though we will not be meeting in person.

Julie also said that she has received the question “if you won once already, can you apply again?”.  Will include the information in the next e-mail and in the next newsletter.


All attending agreed

Agenda Item


Presenter: Carol Kimball Stahl


Carol receive an e-mail from Sylvia stating the Lisa Sands would like to help with Genealogy. Carol will contact her to talk to her about offer.

Carol also reviewed the KFA web page for Genealogy and Missing Kimballs. She will give the information to me to update on the web.


All board members approved.

Agenda Item

Providing a Membership Directory

Presenter: Richard Kimball


Richard said that after many e-mails and discussion with members, he feels that the membership list should not be in the Kimball Family Association Booklet. It will be added to the membership section.

Richard has spoken with Tanya Burek who will be working on organizing the booklet.

Richard asked:

Carol to write THE HISTORY OF THE KIMBALL FAMILY ASSOCIATION to be included in the booklet. Suggestions are that she contacts Russ and Marion Bowden, Al Hall, Judy Miller and Sylvia Stevens to compose this document for the Booklet.

Julie Blalock and Ralph Stevens will provide information on scholarship history and previous winners. Julie has been given the name of Genealogy Resources.

The hopes are that this booklet can be compiled by September/October timeframe.

The cost of compiling and printing the books will be funded by a member of KFA. The books will be provided at no charge to members.


All agreed on the process

Agenda Item

Election of Officers

Presenter: Sylvia Stevens


Sylvia has been calling members. At this time she has Douglas McBride to run for 1st Vice President. The position for 2nd Vice President is still open. Richard has agreed to stay on for one more year as President. Ed Miller will stay on as Treasurer. Judy Miller will stay on as Recording Secretary and Newsletter. Carol Kimball Stahl will continue as Genealogist. Sylvia will continue as Correspondence Secretary, Nominating Committee, Reunion Committee and Newsletter, Al Hall will stay on as Assistant Treasurer.

It was suggested that we have a Zoom Business Meeting on August 8, 2020 and it be open to all members. At this meeting New Officers will be elected, Yearly Financial Report will be given, Report on 2019 reunion minutes, Scholarships will be announced. Genealogy updates. It was proposed at that time we would be able to allow any member to introduce themselves, share their family information or stories. An e-mail will be sent to all members to encourage them to join the meeting with Zoom information.   


All agreed

Respectfully Submitted
Judy Miller
Recording Secretary

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