The Kimball Family Association

2014 Reunion News

We have the photographs of this year's Reunion posted on our Web site. There are a number of attendees who are not identified, so if you can provide any names, please email us at [email protected]

The Kimball Family Association's family reunion was held August 8 through the 10th. As is customary, the new officers were elected. This year the new officers are:


David Kimball

1st Vice President

Richard Kimball

2nd Vice President


Recording Secretary

Judy Miller

Correspondance Secretary

Sylvia Stevens


Ed Miller

As far as the committee chairs for Genealogy, Scholarship, Reunion, and a new Meda chair, they remain mostly the same. See "Current Officers" for details.

Our new President has exciting plans for the future to expand KFA's mission and grow the organization. In his acceptance speech, David emphasized that he wanted to focus on “Community”. He spoke of the community of people at the reunion, the community of members (about 250), the community on our KFA Web site, the community of KFA's FaceBook page, our Scholarship Community, and the Kimball communities throughout the country. He also mentioned that with today’s technology, it is now just as easy to develop a community anywhere in the United States as it is in just in New England.

To succeed, there will need to be more volunteers to help with tasks small to large. Please email us at mykimball AT kimballfamilyassociation DOT com. if you are interested in helping out with any of the committees listed above. We need you.