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Kimball Family Genealogy
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Volume I, the 1988 revision to the original History of the Kimball Family in America, took three years to compile with the volunteer help of Judith Kimball and the KFA Genealogy Committee. Judith and a small group of volunteers finished Volumes II & III, which include generations 7 & 8 respectively, and the Genealogy Committee is currently working on Volume IV & V which the Kimball Family Association hopes to have published soon. The loss of Judy Kimball has made the effort more challenging, but the committee is determined to forge ahead. Your $10.00 annual membership PDF icon to the Kimball Family Association helps defray the cost of this important genealogical research.

KFA Genealogy Book - V1
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History of the Kimball Family in America, Volume I

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History of the Kimball Family in America, Volumes II & III

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1988 Revised Edition of Leonard Allison Morrison and Stephen Paschall Sharples originally published in 1897. The current edition was written for the Kimball Family Association by Judith Kimball, and the members of the Genealogical Committee of the Association with research done by George H. Kimball, Jr.

Volume 1 contains Richard Kimball, the emigrant ancestor and the first six generation of his descendants; with additional information on allied families. Also, Henry Kemball, of Watertown, Massachusetts, and some of his descendants as given in the original edition.

Richard Kimball emigrated to America in 1634, moving to Watertown, MA shortly thereafter. By the third generation his descendants had left the Bay Colony, and by the sixth generation they were leaving New England. (A generation is roughly 20 to 35 years -- so the book includes the dates between 1600 to around 1750 to 1850. However, some Kimball families are not included even if they fit within the timeframe.)

Volume I Table of Contents

The Table of Contents PDF icon lists the names of direct descendants of Richard, but not their offspring.

Judith Kimball's Introduction:

"It has long been the dream of the Kimball Family Association to produce a continuation of Morrison and Sharples' classic HISTORY OF THE KIMBALL FAMILY IN AMERICA, published in 1897. Three reprints of the original have been done through the sponsorship of the Association, but the task of updating that massive volume has always been more than a little daunting. Nevertheless, over the years of the Association's growth, money has been set aside for that purpose, and more importantly, material collected from members on their own family connections to Richard Kimball', the emigrant." Read the entire introduction.PDF icon

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Volume II covers generation 7 and their children, and the Additions & Corrections to Volume 1.

Volume III covers generation 8 and their children. (KFA is currently working on Volume IV.)

Volumes II & III are sold as a set for $80.00. Download the order form PDF icon, and mail it with your check to the address on the form.

The Kimball Family Association volunteers have been working on these books for many years -- longer than it seems possible and have assembled too much content to fit in just one volume. So we conceded to publishing it in two books that will match in size, print and layout to Volume I.

Finally finished and being printed, the credit for all this work goes primarily to our resident genealogist, Judy Kimball, assistant genealogist, Monique Kimball. and tireless helpers: Myra and Jane Sparkowich, Inez Kimball, and Barbara Leigh Polish.
We are grateful for the dedication of these volunteers and hope that you find the new volumes useful in the search for your Kimball ancestors.

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